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First Post, I'm so excited!

Hey Guys!!

I'm so excited to have a site up and running! My name is Samantha Jane Rabatin but I go by Samantha Jane most of the time. I'm currently 23 years old, full time student working a part time job and chasing my dreams.


I have written music since I was little. I remember coming up with lyrics in the shower and being obsessed with the melodies and words for days after, trying to make my little shower ideas into actual songs. Now I do it all the time and have quite a few songs that I am super proud of.


Two years ago I traveled to Nashville and met some amazing people who completely altered my views of my dreams in the music industry, they made it seem possible. My little pipe dreams were now goals, I saw the steps to take to get to where I had fantasized about being my whole life. Now I work on those steps and having the time of my life!!

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